Reopening - 3G Pitch and Cricket Nets

Argyle Community Trust is delighted to announce that, in line with government guidance for the reopening of outdoor sports facilities for physical activity, we will be opening our 3G Sports Pitch and Cricket Practice Nets for public use.


Our facility will be adhering to government guidelines and health and safety measures including our CoVid-19 policy. Whilst there are restrictions on sports and physical activity the following areas are available to book for people living within the same household (maximum of 5 members) or a maximum of 2 individuals maintaining social distancing measures:
- Half of our 3G Football Pitch divided by netting
- Two lane Cricket Nets


We have undertaken a comprehensive risk assessment and people booking the site are to understand our guidelines and code of conduct which states our expectations of any customers using our facilities.

Opening Times:
Monday – Friday 10.00am – 5.00pm
Saturdays & Sundays 10.00am – 4.00pm


Slots available to book via our bookings platform are as follows:
10.00am – 11.00am
11.30am – 12.30pm
1.00pm – 2.00pm
2.30pm – 3.30pm
4.00pm – 5.00pm (excluding Saturdays and Sundays)


No bookings will be taken on site at present. All bookings must be made online or over the phone and booked 24 hours in advance via the The Pitch Booking tab of this website.
As you can appreciate, with restrictions on site it is important that bookings are made in advance to ensure we can staff the facility safely.


Booking Restrictions:
Bookings for the site can only be made online through or by calling our office. One hour slots will be made available and will be restricted to;
 participants exercising by themselves, or
 up to 5 members from the same household, or
 individuals with one member of another household. (2 people) maintaining 2m social distancing

*Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance and online or over the phone

Customer arrivals:
All customers must use sanitising stations upon entry to the building for any reason
 The family member that made the booking must report to main reception to sign in. If a customer is already inside the building customers must queue outside reception
 No access is permitted into the facility with the exception of toilet use on the ground floor
 If equipment is required, this must be requested for staff to distribute. All equipment must be returned after use to main reception.


 Bookings for cricket nets will be provided with access point gate to the right hand side of main reception; this will be open and closed by staff members
 Staff members will open cricket nets for access
 Participants wishing to play hard ball cricket must provide their own helmet, gloves and pads.
 Participants who intend to play soft ball cricket can borrow a cricket bat & windball from Reception
 If playing with a person from another household you must only use your own ball to bowl and never share
 In no circumstance is shining (spitting) on a ball permitted
Customers must leave the cricket nets where they entered and leave the facility via the access point next to main reception
Waiting Zone:
Customers must wait on the terrace until nets are clear and cleaned by staff


 Bookings made for 3G will be provided with half a pitch with the netting pulled across to restrict access and ensure social distancing
 Access to 7aside and 9aside goals to be provided only
 Customers will access the site through the main gated entrance by the containers


Pitch 1 Entry:
Customers must enter the playing surface via the internal gate directly in front when entering the facility
Pitch 1 Exit:
Customers must leave the playing surface and facility via the gates where they entered
Pitch 1 Waiting Zone:
Customers must wait outside the facility by containers until area is clear and cleaned by staff


Pitch 2 Entry:
Customers must steer right when entering the facility, following the spectator’s path and entering the playing surface via the internal gate located at the half way line / separation net.
Pitch 2 Exit:
Customers must exit the playing surface via the internal gate located to the left of the 11 aside goal, in front of the double gate on Frobisher approach. They must then follow the spectator’s path and exit via the main gate.
Pitch 2 Waiting Zone:
Customers must wait by entry gate at half way point until area is clear and cleaned by staff


Leaving Site:
 Please ensure this is undertaken in a timely manner enabling our staff to undertake cleaning processes
 Please leave all equipment in the baskets provided and return to main reception
 Please take all rubbish, drink bottles with you and dispose of at home


Please note:
 No cash is to be taken on site
 Refreshments are currently unavailable at present
 There is restricted access into the facility and a movement policy in place
For sporting activities onsite the following governing guidelines must be adhered too:


Football Guidelines:
The following football activity is not permitted at this time, consistent with Government guidelines:
 Coaching a child (U18) from a different household one to one. In order to comply with The FA’s safeguarding policy, a child must have a parent/carer with them, which doesn’t comply with Government social distancing requirements
 Two or more people from one household playing with one person or more from outside their household
The following is allowed on site:
 Playing football individually e.g. practice of individual skills or fitness activities
 Playing football with your family or other people living in your household (max of 5)
 An individual can play football with one other person who is not from their household maintaining social distancing
 Coaching an adult player one to one


Cricket Guidelines:
 You must only exercise in groups of no more than two people, unless you are exercising exclusively with members of your household.
 Social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained at all times (unless all participants are members of the same household).
 Only one-to-one coaching is permitted per session (over 18’s only)
 No more than household of 5 or 2 individuals will be permitted during a booking
 Families/households must use soft cricket sets if they do not have their own equipment
 Protective equipment must be worn when playing hard ball and customers must provide their own.


Equipment Use:
We recommend using your own equipment where possible. However we understand this may not be possible for all therefore we are happy to provide clean equipment for the following use:
Two footballs and a set of cones
Soft ball – stumps, bat and windballs x2
Hard ball – stumps, bat and balls x2

*After use please return all equipment in the box to main reception for our staff to thoroughly clean and wash.

Please note: Goals and Cricket wickets will be made available on site however these must not be moved.

Keeping Our Facilities Clean & Safe:
Cleaning protocols have been put in place to limit coronavirus transmission in public places. In particular increased attention of touch points (e.g. handrails, gates, goals) will have increased frequency of cleaning. After each booking a half hour slot has been allocated to clean down these areas readied for the next booking. Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between uses, using cleaning products will be implemented:

 Signs and posters to build awareness of good handwashing technique, the need to increase handwashing frequency, avoid touching your face and to cough or sneeze into your arm
 Providing regular reminders and signage to maintain hygiene standards
 Providing hand sanitiser in multiple locations in addition to washrooms, in particular in reception
 During this period toilets and access into the centre will be closed to the general public
 Enhancing cleaning for busy areas in the main reception where staff will work, cricket nets and 3G pitch
 Providing more waste facilities and more frequent rubbish collection, participant will be encouraged to take all rubbish away with them
 Participants are encouraged to use their own equipment – where Manadon equipment is provided, this will be cleaned using Oxivir, Antiviral cleaner and sanitising wipes between bookings. NO HELMETS, PADS OR GLOVES will be loaned.
 Equipment stations have been set up in Reception for drop off and cleaning of any equipment being used by a customer.

Sports Facilities
  • A Football Association-standard third generation (3G) artificial playing pitch, with high specification floodlights and security fencing

  • Adult grass football pitches

  • Junior grass football pitches (9 V 9 and mini soccer)

  • An artificial cricket wicket and grass wickets

  • A two-lane cricket net practice facility

  • Find weekly sporting activities below

The Pavillion
  • The Hub has outstanding multi-purpose facilities for sports participation, physical wellbeing, social interaction, and functions and events. The opening hours are extensive to ensure that you have plenty of time to make the most of our facilities, including opportunities to enjoy social activities.

  • Large function suite with a cafe/bar serving hot and cold refreshments

  • Training room to be used for educational courses, small meetings, and break outs.

  • Four changing rooms and a Locker room

  • On site kitchen

  • Indoor and outdoor lift for accessibility

  • Terraced area for socialising

  • Cricket scoring room / Consultation room

  • Free internet access (Wi-Fi) and Free on site car park with disabled bays

  • Disability access throughout

To view or book spaces mail

 or telephone 01752 562561 ext. 5 

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