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  • Siobhan Robbie

Manadon Hub Status - Coronavirus

Statement to all users and visitors:

Based on the UK Government advice we are not currently closing the Manadon Sports and Community Hub. However, as per the advice, we request all visitors to make their own reasonable judgment as to whether they attend the venue.

We are also following guidance from official governing bodies such as the FA, EFL, NHS and UK Active. Based on this guidance, some particular services and sessions have been cancelled until further notice. Please see below the current status of our services. We will make every effort to keep this up-to-date despite the fast-changing events.

Further to this, we are stepping up our current cleaning regime and asking all users to wash their hands and make use of available hand sanitisers at the centre. Any person in a vulnerable group or showing symptoms of Coronavirus should not visit Manadon Sports Hub.

Again, we ask all users to follow the current government advice and make their own judgment as to their attendance. We will make every effort to keep you updated as this situation evolves and we truly appreciate your patience and support at this time.